Showcase Bob & Julia

Showcase of my work with Bob & Julia to keep their home in tip top shape.

Bob & Julia had my cousin and I build this 4000+ sf beautiful retirement home on Pend Oreille River. I was in charge of the finish work on the inside; it was a real pleasure designing and making every area of the home to be just what they wanted. Also outside working with them building a floating dock, repairing their stationary dock & Rip-rap, doing landscaping like tree trimming; furthermore, doing all the extras inside and out make this the perfect showcase home, doing it just the way they wanted has been a real pleasure for me.

What makes this showcase home so beautiful is the way it was systematically customize the construction and finish work. Julia and Bob were involved in every step of the construction of their home. One thing that Bob admires so much is the tongue and grove cedar that I put up without any trim boards. I did this throughout the house at doorways, skylights, and corners.  I wrapped archways with the tongue and grove and continued the same grain of the word around the corners if possible.

I made the countertop for the sink in the kitchen from a raw piece of stainless steel that had the front broke (turned down). I then buffed out the steel to a finished shine and of course it is extremely durable and tuff. There was a cabin where the house is now which had to be removed to build the home so to keep some of the old cabin with the new retirement home we would use as much of the old cabin as possible. The orange pegboard was what the cabin had so we built the pantry wall with that. I made the steps for the stairs going to the third story tree house from a birch tree that was removed so the house could be built.

Here is what Bob & Julia have to say about the work I did on their showcase home:

“NO PROBLEM, we can do it!

That was the reply to each of our request and suggestions while Don and Mike Brooks were constructing our home.  Our son-in-law (who is and architect) designed our home after much input by Julia.  We wanted the comforts of a new modern home to feel like a cabin for its location on the river.  Mike did all the cedar tongue and groove planking interior walls and they were completed with the precision of a furniture craftsman.  Mike even built a barn door to the den lining up the wood grain on the wrapped around cedar.

In our old cabin, we had an orange pegboard wall in the kitchen that we hung pots and pans on.  Julia asks Mike if a wall in the new kitchen could be orange pegboard with a door in it into the pantry.  Mike did this with such precision that the holes in the peg board line up with the pegboard-covered door he built from a hollow core door.

On one wall Julia, ask Mike if he could build a curio cabinet into it with glass door front.  No Problem, good idea was the reply.  These kind of unique features are throughout our home.

Obviously, we are extremely happy and proud of Mike’s abilities and flexibility in our project.  We have had Mike do several handyman projects for us since and he always performs with the utmost of skill and attention to detail.

Not only is Mike an excellent craftsman, he is knowledgeable in wiring, plumbing, painting, concrete etc.  These are just a few examples of work Mike has done for us.

Thank you so much Bob & Julia for your kind words about the work I did on your showcase home.

I really enjoy helping them keep their property in tiptop shape, and making improvements year after year.

Here I showcase a few photos of the work I did that Bob & Julia like to talk about.

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