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Free Quote’s are just another way AWH is here to provide the best service to our customers in Bonner County.

All Weather Handyman Inc.

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2 thoughts on “Request Free Quote

  • Alan Robertson

    Thank you for the e-mail. I will remove that part of the sheetrock and get a fan started tomorrow am as you suggested. Our away schedule is: Week of Nov 23 is not good for us; Nov 30 I have a dental appointment from noon to about 1:30; Dec 1 thru 9* I can be here, but 10 thru the weekend we will be away*; after that is OK for us. *Indicates may have to make some adjustment but will know by middle of next week. I do intend to go ahead with this project when you are available. Alan

    • admin Post author

      Thank you Alan for the giving me your work. doing my suggestions to dry the area out will make a big difference, and will make the job go faster. I will schedule to do your work on December 1st. As I said in the email it shouldn’t be much over a day, unless there is structural damage. I usually start about 9am when I do work at a residential home, if that is ok then I will be at your place at 9:00 am Tuesday December 1st.

      Mike Brooks