Winterize to Protect Your Home
Winterize Your Home Now With a Checklist to Save on Maintenance Cost! When preparing for winter’s arrival, most people immediately think how to winterize their car like snow tires and protection from wet and icy roads. However, what about your home, do you need a checklist to winterize your home also? Although you may take great care to winterize your car with snow tires, anti-freeze, wiper fluid, flashlights and blankets, what kind of prevention have you taken to winterize your house. If you winterize your properly home, it can easily become a source of both property and liability claims. If you do not winterize your home, plumbing that can become very costly to fix and replace that get water damaged. Something simple to do is winterize your windows can have a big effect on your winter energy bill. Take steps to bring your home up to par before the first snowflake falls. First, make […]

Winterize Checklist!

Maintenance Services
Property Maintenance in North Idaho Do you live in the North Idaho area and are you looking for somebody to maintain, winterize or inspect your property? You’ve found the right place! The Handymen at All Weather Handyman service are qualified and have years of experience to help you maintain your property. Not only can we save you time, but we can save you money! You’ll save money by paying a small service fee to keep things in top shape so you can avoid costly repairs down the road. Here is a list of our full proof property maintenance packages: Winterize/de-winterize your home, out building and/or sprinkler system, . Lawn, tree and shrub care. Regular inspections to ensure everything is working the way it should be. Gutter cleaning And much much more!!!! Here are some of the benefits of a well maintained home: Helps maintain Property Value! – Just like regular oil […]

Property Maintenance!

Dock Maintenance / Repair A Must Year Round Dock maintenance is a must for waterfront property owners are afforded a luxury view and activities that not all homeowners get to enjoy. A dock,  house, boat or water-sports equipment which might leave some friends and family a little jealous! But, with those fun and playful components of your waterfront property, also comes proper and routine maintenance of your seawall or dock. I will cover seawall maintenance another Blog, so let’s talk about appropriate upkeep for your dock. Mostly due to weather and time, all docks need routine maintenance before repairs become too costly.  If your dock is not maintained regularly or properly here is a list of thing that will happen. Posts of your dock may erode and deteriorate (which are secured to the floor of the body of water). Extensive damage to wooden platforms; replacing un-treated lumber with water-treated lumber, sealing […]

Dock Maintenance!