Durability and Natural for Roger and Lydia

Durability In All Weather

Roger and Lydia had my cousin and I build this beautiful home with durability in all kinds of weather.

We started with a raw piece of land on a hill and excavated down to form-up the daylight basement. Then used wood I-beam joists to give ample openness without the need for walls, and then used roof trusses to continue the openness of the floor plan.

Durability and Natural finish were some of the overriding factors that guided us in design and construction.

Durability for Roger and Lydia was “low to no maintenance”, this was accomplished this with natural wood finish for all the interior wood, and rock covering all the exposed wood outside. The result for Roger and Lydia is they have a beautiful and durable home that will stay that way year after year; therefore, their homes is comfortable and worry free for them day after day, and they can be proud of their home when they entertain guest and family.

I really enjoyed this project because they wanted their home to be special and done right. I was able to exercise my creative ability by giving them the outcome of durability and natural finish they desired, with the open floor plan and all natural wood finish inside made building their home demanding and rewarding both, then seeing their satisfaction with the job completed gives me a sense of pride in the work I do.

The kitchen has granite countertops and a hardwood floor, the master bathroom was roomy with a large Jacuzzi jet tub. All the finish woodwork was natural with durability in mind, which includes the stairs going to the daylight basement, the built-in display cases, window frames and sills, and of course all the doors and trim. I built the complete stairs from fir and made steps,
spindles, and railing all from (2X) material.

Outside, durability was considered for everything; vinyl siding was used on the exterior walls, then a comfortable deck was made that goes all the way around the house with a roomy and open back party area. We used Synthetic decking material because of its durability and low to no maintenance; In addition, we covered the exposed wood, supporting post, and exposed concrete (that formed the daylight basement) with rock siding to give it that solid finished, durability, and low to no upkeep home.

Then their home was “topped off” with metal roofing that will last for 50+ years and no worry about snow buildup.

Roger and Lydia did not want to do any of the work themselves as some customers often do, but they were very involved in all the decisions of design and durability as we moved along.

All said and done they got the home they always wanted, and know they can relax and enjoy it for as long as they live there.

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